Step 1

With dry hands, fold the pouch on the dotted line at the tear notch. Make sure the arrow is at the top edge of the pouch and tear down the side of the pouch, pulling the right side toward you.


Step 2

Remove the ZUPLENZ film from the pouch.


Step 3

Use the ZUPLENZ film immediately by placing it on top of your tongue. It will dissolve in seconds and can be swallowed without liquid. Do not chew or swallow the film whole. Wash your hands after taking ZUPLENZ.


ZUPLENZ is available in 4-mg and 8-mg films1

  • Dissolves rapidly in the mouth in about 10 seconds1-4
  • Can be taken with or without water1
  • Can be taken anytime, anywhere
  • Each peppermint-flavored film is individually packaged for discreet, on-the-go use
  • Can be dosed prior to therapy or surgery1
  • Appropriate for patients who have trouble swallowing or who may prefer a thin film over other oral formulations
  • When dosing more than one film, each ZUPLENZ film should be allowed to dissolve completely before administering the next film1